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Solutions for XUPT University
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About XUPT 

Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT) is co-designed and implemented by the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The University is located in Xi’an, a historic city famous for its magnificent ancient culture. XUPT was founded in 1950 and gradually developed into a polytechnic university and focusing on engineering and the specialization of information science technology. This regimen of engineering specialization has been consummated by integrating the disciplines of engineering, management, science, economics, the humanities, law, and art.

Project Profile

This project includes infrastructure of power distribution room, equipment installation, distribution switches installation and commissioning in Chang’an campus. 8000KVA capacity expansion project includes the examination, approval procedures and construction drawings issued by relevant departments, new equipment installation and commissioning, coordinate operation of the new and old equipments and the reserved place for 4000KVA capacity project. This project is a turn-key one, for this reason, we choose our most experienced technical staff to team up and make a comprehensive and specific design project.


Distribution plays a vital role in the electricity field; it is close to people's daily life, production, communication, education and other aspects. So the safety and stability of distribution equipments has become an important factor, we improve our own level, and constantly refine and innovate, trial and error, the daily life, production, communications, education encountered the accident simulation, develop appropriate preventive measures and solutions. XD HI-TECH is committed to innovation and strengthening our solid foundation in the distribution project. 

Project Introduction

According to the drawings, distribution system uses a feed line to contact the original system configuration, a mother of two into line.

1. I line incoming wire with sub capacity of 1250A of 10KV counters in centrally installed switchgear, using a three-winding transformers (measuring, metering, and protection);

2. Busbar contact cabinet in accordance with subparagraph capacity of 1250A of 10KV counters in the home, using a three-winding transformers (measuring, metering, protection);

3. II line incoming wire is inherent.


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