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I.Technical Solution Engineer:

Working Descriptions:

1. Make bidding documents and proposals;

2. Ability to translate documents between English and Chinese;

3. Knowledge of computer operations and Microsoft Office;

4. Experience in documents handling, communicating by e-mail and customer receiving;


1. College degree or above in secretary or electrical is required;

2. Well developed oral and written communication skills;


4. Outgoing, open-minded and able to build good relationship with colleagues.

II.Sales Manager:

Working Descriptions:

1. Responsible for sales medium-low voltage switchgear(below 35KV) and distribution cabinet and maintain and improve the relationship with customers;

2. Responsible for bidding record and customer management

3. Strictly abide by the company rules and play a leading role

4. Develop business plan and sales strategy;

5. Responsible for employment, selection, assignment and training.


1. College degree or above in industrial automation, electrical automation or marketing is required;

2. At least three years electric, marketing or sales management related experience;

3. Experience in communication and team cooperation;

4. Have certain customer resources and achievement;

5. Familiar with the procedure of project bidding.

III. Electrical Engineer

Working Descriptions:

1. College degree or above in industrial automation, automatic control or electrical is required;
Experience in medium-low voltage switchgear design, manufacture, process and familiar with 35KN, 10KV, 0.4KV switchgear such as KYN61,KYN28,GCS,GGDMNS;

3. Ability to install and design various electronic control switchgear;

4. Have good coordinate ability and able to solve difficult problems;

5. At least two years electric related experience and able to operate AutoCAD, Office and other software.


1. Able to design various electrical control switchgear such as power distribution cabinet, frequency converter and etc. and make bidding documents and proposals

2. On-site installation supervision, commissioning of equipment; Analyze and solve field faults;

3. Be strictly in accordance with the company rules on procurement and check the quality of products.

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