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High-voltage switchgear was invented for operating motors and other electric machines with voltages up to 3kV and above, frequency 50Hz and below.
Low-voltage switchgear is used to operating motors and other electric machines with voltages up to 1kV and below. This equipment has ...

Shaanxi XD Hi-tech Medium-low Voltage Apparatus Co.,Ltd.(XD Hi-tech) is a professional electrical solutions provider, who is dedicated to design, research, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Switchgear Cabinets, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Substations as well as other power transmission and distribution equipments, and to supply solutions for power transmission and distribution.


Shaanxi XD Hi-Tech Medium and Low Voltage Apparatus co., Ltd.
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XDHI-T in the West-east Power Transmission Project
Qianxi power plant, the mainstay fossil-fuel power plant in Guizhou Province, is one of the key power supply points in West-east Power Transmission Project Phase II. The installed capacity is 6×300000 kW built by Guizhou Qianxi hydropower co., Ltd....

Electric renovation in Xi’an Zhongzhuangpubai mine machinery co.,Ltd.

Micron (Xi’an) oven monitoring and management system is a real-time

XDHI-T in Xi’an University of posts and telecommunications
Safe and reliable operation of the distribution system directly related to teaching, electrical safety home. Chang"an campus of the University of Posts and renovation projects relating to electricity capacity and electrical safety Chang"an Campus East West...

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