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Solutions for Micron Oven
From:西电高科 Author:admin View: 0 Date: 2015-07-27

Micron (China) oven monitoring and management system is a real-time energy data monitoring platform. It can provide powerful data support, through the monitoring of data management and analysis, and promote scientific management to improve device reliability and efficiency, and ultimately the production of security and stability of production. We, XD HI-TECH, become the bid winner in this project.

Operational management:

Ø  Electric power measurement: Real-time monitor of power-related data.

Ø  Accident recording and analysis Management: Transient wave forms capture function and recall the accident.

Ø Equipment repair and maintenance: Opening and closing times of statistics and loss device status monitoring, develop repair and maintenance program.

Ø Operation optimization management: Through the low voltage control cabinet automatically switch to energy-saving control system. 

Data Acquisition and Processing:

Through the spacer layer units collected from the field of analog, digital and temperature volume production process equipment (including CT, PT, protection, DC systems, etc.). The amount collected input digital filter, validity checks, engineering value conversion, fault diagnosis, signal contacts Jitter, scale computing processing, resulting in an application for current, voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, and other real-time data for database updates. The system should form a distributed database structure, the local control unit in various real-time data retention processed locally.

Energy Statistic and Calculations:

Real-time data for statistical analysis, calculations, such as electricity generation time by calculating the day / month / year max / min and the emergence of, date, load factor, the amount of digital input status logic operation value, etc., in accordance with the second and third measurement requirements (office lighting, shop lighting, air compressor electricity, electric welding, painting lines of electricity, office air-conditioning electricity, air-conditioning electricity workshop, driving electricity), can be different end-use sub-intelligent analysis, trend forecasting, historical inquiry, and through an icon or a bar graph showing the way visual comparison. Report contains comprehensive energy consumption (day / month / year), cost sharing, utility bills and other reports mode, you can query the same day of the month when the electricity consumption, cost allocation breakdown view data at different times, sharing the cost of energy to each functional area energy links and analysis of relevant energy costs in the regions; peak level power analysis, horizontal, vertical Compare all energy data and energy dis-aggregated data, using charts, tables, line, etc. horizontal or vertical display visual comparison of electricity each region energy consumption. The system automatically generates a school building or a building area of the month electricity, water and other statements, supports online query and export word and online printing.

Screen Display:

Through the host's color screen and man-machine relationship tool to display various information screen, the display position of the state including the state information of all the equipment, variable-bit information, real-time data for each measurement, a variety of alarm information system. In need partition display screen, upon request into: process picture area, a message area, alarm information area, district simultaneous display information to interfere with each other's way.

Event Log:

The contents of the recording sequence of events that happen in rapid changes in state accident records, event resolution of 1ms, as required in the report form printout.

Alarm Processing:

Alarm processing at variety of ways, at least two, one is an accident the police, the other is a warning notice. The former includes the non-operation of the circuit breaker tripping signal causes. The latter include the general equipment displacement, abnormal status information, analog-limit / complex limit, the various components of the host, the state of the spacer layer cell abnormalities.

Anti- maloperation:

Anti-maloperation should be able to control, judgment and analysis of the operating personnel of electrical equipment operating procedures, to determine whether the operation is legal, reasonable, safe and correct, if the occurrence of improper operation, the operation response lockout and print display information. (Software capable of procedure to determine, control, blocking, how to achieve) Notes: 1. Authentication rights are judged by judging whether the operating authority. 2. Through the control logic to determine whether a reasonable action. For example: dual power switch or dual-circuit each other by the determination to control or lockout by logical limit.

Historical Trend Analysis:

Each monitoring system to collect real-time data control and management system to be saved and stored in an open database, the system can be stored long period (years) history. The system can set standards and file formats called at any time and for printing the historical data. The parameters can be based on historical data recorded in the annual, monthly and daily changes and trends in the real-time data analysis, classification and comprehensive comparative analysis, business process optimization and the use of equipment and facilities provide the basis for optimization.

System Self-diagnostic Function:

The system software can be online all the software and hardware diagnostic operating conditions, and fault when abnormal timely information display and print alarm and displays a different color-coded diagram on the operating conditions.

Breakdown of Energy Statistics Interface:

The electrical device (lighting socket, air conditioning, power, special power), energy consumption were hourly, daily, monthly, yearly statistics. Statistical data using pie, bar, line, area, and other graphical presentation, directly reflect the value of the statistical data, trends and distribution.

Branch Device Energy Consumption Statistics:

Regional statistics on each floor, the department of energy consumption, energy guzzler accurate positioning, develop energy performance appraisal system, to promote the effective implementation of energy saving true. Log file can be set up with the key equipment, long-term track record equipment operating in the process of energy efficiency analysis and evaluation results, combined with equipment maintenance records, provide the basis for the operation and maintenance of equipment.  


Cycle Comparison on Energy Consumption Data:

It can be various types of power and energy consumption of major energy-consuming equipment value last year and last month, up the chain value analysis, testing energy-saving effect, based on the analysis of performance appraisal implementation of energy efficiency and energy efficiency goals corrected.

Energy Consumption Data Section Statistics:

Load type (air conditioning, lighting, power), regional (floors, common areas) Energy consumption in accordance with the time to distinguish between, on time, day, month, year, weekday, and other non-working days for a full range of energy data analyzed, accurately grasp specific energy consumption. Can be set according to time daily energy peak, flat, valley, statistics each time energy consumption and leisure consumption.

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